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Here's my test run for the interview process to tell storytimes. I can't wait to hear stories from other people who witnessed different situations in their lives. 

Talk with the host of Connecting With Octavia on her post-graduation back in Virginia. YouTube channel coming soon for easier access to the podcast!

Photo credited by the Boston Library 

The host of Connecting With Octavia discussed her realization about what her "normal life" really was...toxic. 

Listen to the host of Connecting With Octavia talk about a time where she went out knocking on different people's doors with her cousins. 

Connecting With Octavia's host has brought her family for a game podcast! Well, sort of. 

The host of Connecting With Octavia is interviewing her sister to how things are going during social isolation in Alexandria, VA. 

We all hear about it, but it's good to hear about some opinions on the coronavirus. Listen to Connecting With Octavia to see how the host feels about the virus and how it's affecting others including herself. 


Clip of interview is credited and belongs to CNN:


Josh Dewitt discusses with Connecting With Octavia on how he went through his basketball shoes (literally) during basketball practice last week. 

Connecting With Octavia's host Octavia Johnson asks the Residence Hall Association's President Ayanna Williams about their latest conference. 


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